Beautiful Loudspeakers from Eventus Audio, handcrafted in Italy

Eventus Audio Nebula LE and Phobos black edition
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Eventus Audio  - Loudspeakers Made in Italy

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EVENTUS Audio’s Philosophy

The main aim of EVENTUS Audio is to realize best quality audio product not only through the construction of a loudspeaker with a good “workmanship” and good quality sound, but through a relationship with the final Customer and the Retailer.

Each element or part of the loudspeaker receives a detailed attention in the planning and realization phases. The drivers, the binding posts, the internal wiring, the crossover, the steel spikes, the packing, the manual are the result of careful analysis to offer always a better quality in every project. The look (design) of each model comes from the main idea to offer a special “object” easy to set in every environment. A loudspeaker is not only an instrument to reproduce a music but it’s also an element that must “lives” in the Customer’s home without trauma!

For this reason it’s always possible to ask an EVENTUS Audio loudspeaker with the preferred colors combination in order to create a good look and design for every house.

The sound of EVENTUS Audio is countersigned for his composure and his neutrality, it’s the result of exact choices in the design phase.

The loudspeaker must return the original signal without adding or removing anything! For this reason exist the SACC Technology and EA-HDR material for the cabinet.

In the factory, with a 1.200 square meter of total covered surface, are made the design and the production of the loudspeakers. The whole production process which includes the idealization, the planning, the realization, the quality control, the packing and the shipment.

EVENTUS Audio uses the patented SACC Technology for its loudspeakers. The SACC Technology is patented which make EVENTUS Audio different from the other loudspeakers Companies.

Thanks to its patent Technology, EVENTUS Audio is able to realize loudspeakers with shape, design and technical characteristics of high level.

SACC - Technology

The picture on the left shows the structure of a loudspeaker EVENTUS Audio. You can easily notice the difference with a conventional one since a loudspeaker with SACC is realized through the overlap of elements with a particular shape, on the right, that joined together form the cabinet with the relative load volume for the low frequencies driver.

The inside wall have numerous prominences of different length. The inside of the loudspeaker can be compared to an anechoic room in miniature. The aim is to eliminate the onset of stationary waves thanks to the absence of parallel walls. The presences of the inside wedges allows to reduce drastically the spurious reflections in medium high frequencies. This results in an amazing audio quality of the EVENTUS Audio loudspeakers.

The cabinet of the loudspeaker must be neutral and deaf as much as possible, therefore incapable to add information to the original musical signal. Moreover, it was necessary to create a loudspeaker with an innovative shape and design. To do so, it was been essential to give up the traditional constructive technique, inventing a new, different one.

SACC (Simulated Anechoic Cabinet Construction) Technology. With the use of SACC Technology, yields two important results. The first concerning the cabinet design for the first time it’s not dependent on constructive technique, but on the contrary only to the imagination of the designer. The second concerns loudspeaker audio quality. From the outside of the cabinet it’s easy to appreciate loudspeaker design, however to understand  constructive technique and how it relays the musical message, we looked inside.

Eventus Audio - io Eventus Audo - io.f Eventus Audio - Phobos Eventus Audio - Nebula Eventus Audio - Neo
IO iO.f Metis Phobos Nebula    Neo
Eventus Audio - Sophis

iO- *$5,000 - Pair *Note: Stands Not Included, Optional Stands $1200
Eventus Audio - i.O Eventus Audio - i.O. 
Finishes - Gorgeous Silver or Ivory
Like other EVENTUS Audio products the cabinet uses the SACC patented Technology that reduces the resonances and reflections inside the speaker giving the best performances in term of audio quality and the private EA-HDR material to get the best structure construction.

New shape, new drivers and new ideas behind iO in order to meet the requirements of the new generation!

Thanks to the 7" woofer iO has a great dynamic and good bass response but it has still the classic EVENTUS Audio’s delicate sound.

The dump-mounted crossover located outside the drivers space, the high grade components used and the spikes complete the scenario of one of the most affordable loudspeakers in the audio market.

Technical data

Power rating:            20 - 150 Watt (RMS)
Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Efficiency:                (2.83W/1m) 89 dB

Impedance:             4 Ohm
Woofer:                   7"  high excursion
Tweeter:                 1"  fabric dome
Crossover:              Two ways dump-mounted
Dimensions:            H 15.55" x W 7.85" x D 13.6"
Weight:                   15 Kg (33 lb)

Cabinet in EA-HDR material with SACC patented Technology.

(4) Round Feet With Felt attached are included.

iO.f - $9800 Pair

Eventus Audio - iO.f  

Same as IO with two woofers and a Midrange and 90dB efficiency!

Check out YouTube Video from AVShowrooms

Finishes - Gorgeous Silver or Ivory

Technical data

Power rating: 20 - 250 Watt (RMS)
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Efficiency (2.83W/1m) 90 dB
Midrange: 4"  high excursion
Woofer:  (2)  7"  high excursion
Tweeter: 1"  fabric dome
Crossover: Three ways dump-mounted
Dimensions: H 41" x W 9.44" x D 13.38"
Weight: 35 Kg (77 lb)

Cabinet in EA-HDR material with SACC patented Technology.

Metis *$10,900 per pair *Note: Stands Included
Eventus Audio - Metis   
Finishes - Gorgeous Silver or Ivory
The first born with soul intent on recreating pure sound with no compromise. To eliminate reflections and constrain vibration with its advanced design.

A progressive way of thinking. Clever tactics such as putting the crossover in an alternative volume, far from the drivers and damped mounted to eliminate deleterious effects from the cabinet vibrations. The EA-HDR material is robust and incomparable in its ability to withstand deep impact. But above all the patented SACC Technology is the distinctive and crucial element behind the success of this design.

Ingenuity and character are what the best describe the attributes of Metis. The design that paved the way for all EVENTUS Audio loudspeakers. Every element of design is chosen with tenacity and serious consideration.

The excellence that is Metis profoundly represents what it means to be “Made in Italy”. Where the finest materials and an imaginative approach converge to create something original and exquisite. With its beautiful choice of colors and innovative use of shapes Metis will be your next desire
Technical data

Power rating: 20 - 150 Watt (RMS)
Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Efficiency:  (2.83W/1m) 88 dB
Woofer:     7"  high excursion
Tweeter:   1"  fabric dome
Crossover: Two ways dump-mounted
Dimensions: H 14.57" x W 11" x D 12.2"
Weight: 15 Kg (33 lb)

Cabinet in EA-HDR material with SACC patented Technology. Safe fixing between speaker and stand. Four round spikes are included in the box.

Sophis $5,000.  
Eventus Audio - Sophis   
Sophis, the central loudspeaker for impressive home theatre and multi-channel music systems.

The essential fifth element, without which no event becomes real. There are no sonic reflections or vibrations of the cabinet. Only exclusive purity of sound. The philosophy and craftsmanship are authentic expressions of Italian design.

It is a complex and unique approach and not a simple one.

The synergistic combination of the patented SACC Tech along with the EA-HDR material for the cabinet helps provide the foundation for amazing sound performance. Even the unique wave shape was created to serve overall quality and design.

Each and every detail has been meticulously executed in both its architecture, and its handmade construction. It is a concept realized by its materials, technology, colors, and forms all designed to approach perfection.
Technical data

Power rating: 20 - 150 gWatt (RMS)
Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Efficiency (2.83W/1m) 89 dB
Woofer:   (2) 13.4"  high excursion
Tweeter: 1.10”  Fabric dome
Crossover: Three ways dump-mounted
Dimensions: H 10.63 x W 21.26" x D 15.35"
Weight: 14 Kg (33 lb)

Cabinet in EA-HDR material with SACC patented Technology. 

Phobos  $19,500 - Pair
Eventus Audio - Phobos    

Finishes - Gorgeous Silver or Ivory

Phobos, the quest for balance. The place where form and function converge and bring forth a truly accomplished floor-standing loudspeaker. A progressive and innovative design approach addressing the issues of early reflections and cabinet vibrations.

The infallible EA-HDR cabinet material and the patented SACC Technology with its quasi-anechoic interior walls and acoustic damping combine to create a truly remarkable loudspeaker.

The Phobos is the ideal choice for who demands the utmost in sound quality without sacrificing the desire for sheer elegance. It inherits all of the key design elements as used in the most prestigious EVENTUS Audio models.

The uncompromised and dense uni-body cabinet, the SWB (Single.Way.Board) crossover with physically and electrically isolated circuit for each driver and the world class loudspeaker driver components. The organic purity of sound, the elegant lines and the tenacious composition of the Phobos are what establishes it as the most viable alternative.

Phobos, the selection... the choice.
Technical data

Power rating: 20 - 300 Watt (RMS)
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Efficiency (2.83W/1m) 90 dB
Midrange: 5"  high excursion
Woofer:   7"  high excursion
Tweeter: 1” soft dome - SD2 motor
Crossover: Three ways dump-mounted
Dimensions: H 42.125" x W 11.6" x D 12.6"
Weight: 55 Kg (121 lb)

Cabinet in EA-HDR material with SACC patented Technology.

Nebula - $65,000 - pair
Eventus Audio - Nebula Eventus Audio - Nebula

Finishes - Gorgeous Silver or Ivory

Nebula is an unwavering and continuos effort. It is the compilation and essence of all that is EVENTUS Audio. The innovative technology and artful craftsmanship breathe life into a unique loudspeaker bred of pure Italian design.

A precisely accurate, transparent, and true-to-life sound. The original musical message is faithfully conveyed thanks to the uncompromising EA-HDR material and SACC patented technology of its cabinet construction, the fully isolated SWB (Single.Way.Board) crossover system using the time-alignment and separate circuits for each driver and the most advanced and highest performance individual speaker drivers available.

Nebula is the result of intense engineering and artful design, pushing the outer limits. Each and every aspect of design and production are made without compromising quality, allowing these proofs to be both audible and visible.

Nebula is excellence and is the passionately intimate soul EVENTUS Audio. It is the undeniable choice for one who desires absolute musical quality.

Meeting Nebula always leaves an indelible mark in your soul.

Technical data

Power rating: 20 - 400 Watt (RMS)
Frequency response: 22 Hz - 45 kHz
Efficiency (2.83W/1m) 91 dB
Midrange: 5"  Carbon Fiber
Woofer:   11" Carbon Fiber
Tweeter: 1” ring raditor - SD2 motor
Crossover: Three ways dump-mounted
Dimensions: H 51.2" x W 14.4 x D 21.26
Weight: 135 Kg (386 lb)

Cabinet in EA-HDR material with SACC patented Technology.

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