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Lumin Product Reviews
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A1 Reviews:
The Absolute Sound
Golden Ear Awards 2015 by Niel Gator

The Absolute Sound have awarded LUMIN A1 a prestigious Golden Ear Award.

In the review and the 2015 Awards issue Neil Gader writes:

I haven’t been shy about expressing my reservations about computer audio-mostly it seems like too much work, and IMHO is a totally unsexy way to enjoy music. However, by mostly (not entirely) eliminating the need for a computer, the Lumin A-1 player has proven to be the exception.

Operating wirelessly through its own graphically superb iPad app, the A1 releases the reins of sonic tension and dryness that constrain many digital recordings, adding warmth and weightier presence even  to mundane 16-bit/44kHz recordings.

I’ve also noted over the months that Lumin makes sure its products are well supported with regular software and firmware updates, and,  most recently, Tidal support. It’s so good that it’s the “computer” I’ve come to accept as a high-end source component.

The Absolute Sound
December 2014 and Awards issue

US magazine The Absolute Sound have reviewed LUMIN A1 in issue #248 and awarded it "UPPER-END MUSIC SERVER OF THE YEAR 2014" in their awards issue #249.

In the review and the Awards issue Neil Gader writes:

Had I not known better, I would have sworn I was listening to mastertapes.”
It was an impression of resolution, soundstage integrity, and clean transient speed...

...reaching a level of musicality that will make even diehard analog fans forget its computer roots.

Hi-Fi+ March 2014

UK magazine Hi-Fi+ have reviewed LUMIN in the March 2014 issue #109.

Ed Selly writes:

The more time you spend with the LUMIN, the more it becomes clear  that the strong performance with a wide variety of material, the extremely well thought out app, and the very handsome appearance combine to make the LUMIN a very enticing buy and one  that should work well in a variety of systems.

Hi-Fi World - March 2014

UK magazine Hi-Fi World have reviewed LUMIN in the March 2014 issue.

Jon Myles awards LUMIN Five Globes (Outstanding – amongst the best) and during the review states:

...the app is one of the best out there on any streamer I’ve used so far.
Its sound is crisp, clear and detailed with an engaging sense of timing that draws the best from the music.

What Hi-Fi? - February 2014

UK magazine What Hi-Fi? have published their magazine review online

During the review they write:

...when the music becomes complex, and the streamer impresses with its ability to keep instrumental strands separate and easy to follow.
There’s a consistency of character throughout the range that’s a real pleasure to hear.

Audioshark - December 2013

Mike Bovaird, founder of the Audioshark Forums Has published his review of LUMIN

After intense listening over a few days, Mike decided he liked LUMIN so much he didn't want to let it go and purchased the review unit.

During the review he writes: my opinion it stands up to all comers. I spent many hours listening to the Lumin and every time found my toes tapping.

I’ve played the saxophone for over 30 years and at the end of my listening sessions, I found the Lumin sounded more like music and less like computer!

Audiostream - December 2013

AudioStream have published their LUMIN review. During the review Michael Lavorgna states:

I was nothing but impressed with the Lumin Network Player and it strikes me as a well-conceived and very well executed product. Not only does it sound wonderful but the Lumin app is a pleasure to use and everything worked without incident with PCM, DXD, and 64x DSD sources.

Positive Feedback - November 2013

DSD proponents Positive Feedback have published an English translation of the Polish High Fidelity LUMIN review by Wojciech Pacuła.

It also features a brief interview with Product Development Manager Li On.

Wojciech gives LUMIN the Red Fingerprint Award and describes LUMIN as:

a very successful, fantastically executed and very, very natural approach to musical material there is almost no escaping the word 'beautiful' while listening to the Lumïn.

Those who have created the Lumïn demonstrated their outstanding sensitivity and ear for music.

6Moons - March 2013

6moons have reviewed Lumin and awarded it their highest award, the rare "Lunar Eclipse Award".

During the review Joël Chevassus described Lumin as my new digital  reference the most exciting audio experience I've yet had.

D1 Reviews

StereoLife October 2015

StereoLife have published their LUMIN D1 review.

During the review Krzysztof Kalinkowski states:

Each recording became so addictive that I didn't want to stop listening, every album played from beginning to end, sometimes even several times in a row.

I strongly recommend it to all music lovers and to all vinyl fans, because D1 style is very similar to this of a truly analogue source.

I think the point is to have as much pleasure from listening to music as possible. And Lumin D1 provides this 100%.

6 Moons July 2015

The 6moons D1 review have published and English-language version  of Dawid Grzyb's review.

During the review Dawid states:

For me the Lumin D1 was a hugely positive surprise and sonically unexpectedly refined.

Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back.

For the money, it doesn’t get much better if at all.

HiFi+  May 2015
Hi-Fi+ review LUMIN D1 in issue #123

During the review Nicholas Ripley states:

In outright sound quality, it’s like Lumin forgot to tell the D1 it  was the brand’s entry-level player.

it’s an exceptional £5,000 network player, for £1,600.

...any way you look at it, this is like getting 90% of the product        for less than 1/3rd the price. What’s not to like about that?

Soundrebels April 2015

Marcin Olszewski from SoundRebels takes an in-depth look at LUMIN D1.

During the review Marcin states:
Just plain fantastic.
the guys from Pixel Magic Systems Ltd. really thought things through
as for the price level it is not good, not even very good, but it is exceptional

S1 Reviews

What Hi-Fi Russia - February 2015

English    Russian

What Hi-Fi Russia have published their review of LUMIN S1 in PDF    form.

During the review they state:

Listen to 'Motets' Bach performed by RIAS-Kammerchor -         and  you'll hear everything we admired in A1, only hear more    superlatives."

Furthermore, as is the case with the younger model, S1 does      not force you to revise your collection in favor of high-resolution.

The Hong Kong company has surprised us all by creating a role    model for other High End network player manufacturers

High Fidelity - January 2015

AWARD FOR LUMIN S1 - Red Fingerprint

Polish Magazine High Fidelity have published their LUMIN S1 review  and  awarded it their coveted Red Fingerprint award.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

Altogether Lumïn delivers a certain type of performance that one   might like or not, but that is amazingly involving and that can be    described only as: beautiful.

One just plays the music and flows with it or gets immersed in it...   one simply doesn't care and enjoys it as much as possible because   it might take a while before one encounters another such    wonderfully sounding device.

What Lumïn delivers in full scale is something that audiophiles   rarely even get a glimpse of – the cardinal value of music–   emotions it provides listeners with.

Audioshark  September 2014

After living with LUMIN S1 for 3 months, Mike Bovaird, founder of    the Audioshark Forums has published his review.

Focussing mainly on the comparison with his own LUMIN A1, Mike   says...

I would sum it up this way, the A1 is warmer, more analog   sounding. The S1 is sweeter, sharper. But at the end of the day,   both are exceedingly musical.

Blue Moon Award for LUMIN S1

6moons Review S1 & T1 - August 2014

have published their typically thorough 6-page review of LUMIN S1.

They awarded it their rare Blue Moon Award.

During the review, Joël Chevassus said the following:

To me the S1 is one of the most attractive one-box digital   contenders I've had opportunity to hear.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the S1 resides in a kind of sonic    and functional coherence that I do not find with potential   competitors.

The LUMIN S1 to my ears combines the rare ability of sounding    pristine, precise, warm and rhythmically involving all at once.

The LUMIN S1 delivers an enormously appealing and involving   musical presentation which will become my new reference as a   still- affordable digital front-end to consequently demand a Blue   Moon award.

M1 Reviews

Soundrebels - March 2016

The exterior of the device – both the design and the used chassis look very similar to that, what was part of the success of the T1 model. Although due to increased functionality, the amplifier section, and internal power supply, the enclosure is bigger in all dimensions, but if you compare it with the other Lumin 1:1 we really can talk about unification. A solid slab of aluminum on the front, and the high quality body, made also from aluminum plates, is quite minimalistic, yet elegant. The centrally placed green-blue display is flanked on the left by the power button and a volume knob on the right. The brightness of the display is adjustable, and it displays all the most important parameters of the played material, but taking into account, that we do need to have a tablet or a smartphone handy, we can do without it. The back plate is equally, or rather surprisingly, ascetic is the back plate, because besides the single loudspeaker terminals and a power socket, the users have only two USB ports and an Ethernet port at their disposal. And that is it. No other inputs or outputs, either analog or digital. So we are forced to play using the Ethernet port, or at least to connect the unit to our home network to allow for appropriate management.

Talking about handling. There is no remote control, similar to the older brethren, so we need to control the stream-amplifier from a tablet or smartphone. Although the situation from the premiere of the first Lumin bettered, because we can feed the tested device with files from a NAS or an USB disc plugged directly into the back of the chassis using an Android app, still if we want to fully explore the potential of the M1, including streaming services like Tidal HiFi, then we are bound to use recent models with a half-eaten apple logo. I do not like this kind of situation too much, as I do not like to be treated as a second category consumer, and to be forced to use devices from one brand only. I wrote about the app and the working replacements (Kinsky, Bubble) while reviewing the D1, and as I did not notice any functional or visual differences, I will just mention that everything works stable and as it should. .

6MOONS - December 2015

Award for LUMIN M1 - 6moons Blue Moon Award

During the review Joël Chevassus states:

The Lumin app is amongst the very best available.
In terms of power efficiency and vividness, the results were frankly astounding.
It's the only all-in one device I know of that is able to compete with a high-end chain for a fraction of its cost.
high resolution, real drive and well thought-out ergonomics.
I could very honestly live forever happily with the Lumin M1 and my Vivid Giya G1.

High Fidelity - December 2015

High Fidelity Magazine have published the English version of their LUMIN M1 review. They award it their Red Fingerprint.

During the review Wojciech Pacuła states:

Internal design of M1 is unlike almost any other audio product I've seen one should treat M1 as a device that delivers really good performance no matter what sort of files are used Most instruments and voices are presented close to listeners and they sound natural, palpable, very much live-like. That's what many of us looks for, that's what we dream of, right?
in many respects what they will get will be so refined that many even more expensive systems won't be able to match (in these respects) this level of performance.
This Player offers quite high "surprise” factor – most will be genuinely surprised by how natural its performance is.

Lumin L1 Reviews

LUMIN L1 mini-review

Chris Connaker of Computer Audiophile

takes a look at the LUMIN L1 Music Library in his latest CATV episode:
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