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PranaWire - Digital Audio, Interconnect and Speaker Cable (all Models have all options)

Power Cables, Power Filters

Avatar II    Arhat Cosmos Nataraja  Deva Photon USB

Excerpt from Joe Cohen's President of PranaWire, Interview with VideoHifi magazine online:

"Everything influences everything. There is no such thing as a vacuum, even in a vacuum. "

"...there was a panoramic airy soundstage with seemingly limitless depth. It was spectacular! I have rarely if ever heard such a combination of musicality and resolution. String tone was perfect. The entire presentation was perhaps the most realistic portrayal of an orchestral performance I have ever enjoyed."
     Stephen Marsh - review

"...the PranaWires are without question the most musically expressive cables I've ever had in my own system. Their sonic achievement represents a degree of performance I would not have thought obtainable through the installation of "mere" cables."

      Greg Weaver -
Positive-Feedback Magazine

PranaWire Avatar II - Audio Cables
PranWire Avatar II - Hi End Audio Cables

Avatar II Speaker Cable

In the Avatar series, all processes are taken to their ultimate possible limits. No expense or labor is spared. The Avatar II speaker cable pictured above is a larger than 2 gauge silver ribbon, super high purity copper hybrid with enhanced anti-vibration and shielding techniques applied. Similarly, the Avatar interconnect adds time consuming, labor intensive techniques and ultimate level custom treated connectors. The Avatar power cable is a 5 gauge silver ribbon, super high purity copper hybrid with highly complex noise cancelling and shielding geometry.

  • Life-like focus and energy delivery without equal
  • Retrieval the finest detail
  • Ultimate authority

"Frankly speaking I was expecting a sort of upgrade on the sound with the Avatar, but it is unbelievable and wrapped up everything. It reminded the speakers that they are speakers. I do not want to express what I would like to say as reviewers are doing. I truly, genuinely thank you." -Hong Kong Owner

Speaker Cable:

  • Dual Pure Silver Ribbon + 7 Gauge Pure Copper Speaker Cable (aggregate total = 1 gauge) -  13 Insulation Layers Including 2 copper foil Shields - Specially treated internal layers

Interconnect Cable:

  • Dual Pure Silver ribbon design (aggregate total = 8 gauge) with outer shield for a total of three shields - 17 element construction.   Specially treated internal layers, Highest Level connectors

Digital Cable:

10 Gauge Pure Silver Ribbon/Stranded Digital Interconnect - 13 Insulation Layers Including 2 copper foil Shields  Specially treated internal layers.


Speaker Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  2.0M $19,900. each additional 0.5M $4,950


  • RCA/XLR Pair:  1.0M $11,950 each additional 0.5M $3,950.

Digital Cable:

  • RCA/Balanced AES/EBU Pair:  1.0M $5,950 each additional 0.5M $1950.

PranaWire Arhat Speaker & Interconnect Cable
PranWire Arhat - Hi End Audio Cables     

Hearing a major breakthrough in sound reproduction for the first time, one’s recognition and understanding of the event is instantaneous and undeniable.

When making this all out assault on the upper limits of performance, tested principles were combined with daring innovations to arrive at a new stage of evolution. By combining the ribbon used in the Nataraja speaker cable (13 gauge) with the one used in the Cosmos (7gauge) and adding a third (outer) shield and other enhancements, we arrived at a level of performance challenged only by our flagship Avatar speaker cable. The first thing you notice is the superior grip the Arhat has on the music. Everything, from the fastest leading edges to the most subtle overtones and longest decays, comes to life. Bass support is rock solid, and the highs seem to go on forever. The all important mid-range has an uncanny sense of realism. A breath-taking panorama of the performance is revealed for the first time.

  • Pure silver, custom made ribbons - 6 gauge architecture
  • Multi-layered, 3 shield -17 element construction for maximum noise reduction and noise absorption
  • Custom Vibration Damping
  • Oyaide Spade Lugs or Banana Plugs
  • Uncanny Realism
  • Ultimate depth, clarity, transparency and speed
  • Highest density of timbral, spacial and ambient information
  • Relaxed natural sound


Speaker Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  2.0M $13,400. each additional 0.5M $3450

Interconnect Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  1.0M $9950 each additional 0.5M $3450.
  • Digital Cable Pricing RCA/Balanced AES/EBU Pair:  1.0M $4975 each additional 0.5M $1725.

PranaWire Cosmo Cables
PranWire Cosmo - Speaker Cables
Oyaide SPSL Spades       Oyaide Focus 1 XLR Connector Oyaide Focus 1 XLR Connector

The Cosmos Series employs maximum treatment of materials and highly robust construction. (The 99.99% pure silver ribbon employed in the Cosmos interconnect is twice as large as that in the Nataraja Series. The speaker cable ribbon is four times as large.) It is common currency among audiophiles that no connector is superior to any connector. In the Cosmos Series speaker cables the conductor also serves as the connector. Spade lugs are employed as a support, allowing the ribbon to be extended from end to end. Featuring Oyaide SLSC or Oyaide Focus connectors (interconnect cables), the Cosmos Series should be considered as a major component in any high resolution system.


Speaker Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  2.0M $10,900. each additional 0.5M $2950

Interconnect Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  1.0M $7950 each additional 0.5M $2950.

Digital Cable:

  • RCA/Balanced AES/EBU Pair:  1.0M $3950 each additional 0.5M $1550.
Nataraja Series - Same Connectors as Cosmo Series

PranWire Nataraja - Hi End Audio Interconnect Cables     

Oyaide - Foucus 1 Connectors

When stripped of all noise, all electronic haze, sound reveals its true nature.

Inserting a single Nataraja Series cable into your system will uncover new deeper levels of information in a highly musical fashion. Adding more will result in an entirely new appreciation of the music you listen to.


The Nataraja series interconnect cables utilize four nines pure silver ribbons that are subjected to multiple treatments and then wrapped with a total of twenty four layers of natural and proprietary space age insulating materials, including four copper foil shields with 51 drain wires on each shield. Construction is painstaking and requires long hours. The resulting interconnect cable is an oval 1 7/8" X 1" in cross section. Avoiding the use of synthetic materials wherever possible is intrinsic to our design philosophy.

The Nataraja Series Speaker Cables consist of two separate 1 1/2" X 1/2" cross section cable assemblies per side and are somewhat more flexible. (Four distinct cable assemblies comprise a pair.) Both speaker and interconnect cables employ reinforced flexible ends for longevity and ease of use. Pure solid silver spade lugs are employed to ensure the tightest fit and greatest transference of energy.

Refusing to accept limitation...

It is our position that a cable either functions properly or it does not. While some adopt the philosophy that one should use cabling to tune the deficiencies of a system, balancing dark equipment with bright cable etc., we take different approach: Often a given system may sound musical and beautiful in its current incarnation. It is not until we replace the cables in that system that we realize what we have been missing.

Envision the peaks and valleys of a waveform as a landscape. Now picture the peaks obscured by haze and the valleys filled with low lying fog. The haze and fog represent subtle noise (noise beyond the range of hearing) that interferes with the perception of the very finest details - the finer waves riding the larger waves riding the larger waves etc. Before the insertion of properly functioning cables into a system, the listener may think he or she is seeing the entire vista, having only ever experienced it in this fogbound condition. When the sun emerges and the fog burns off for the very first time, the details that define the landscape are revealed. When we have such an experience in nature we are awestruck.

This type of transformation occurs even in systems of rarefied quality. On the other hand, mid-level systems can exhibit higher levels of performance than was thought possible. This experience, repeated over and over again has led us to the following conclusions:

  • The source(s) of shortcomings in systems are not always obvious
  • The potential of any given system is generally far beyond what we now experience from it.
  • When it comes to delivering high resolution and musicality, cables should be considered as equal partners with the other components in a system.

Even in this day and age their are those who consider cables to be of lesser importance but our experience bears out that cables are always a major contributor to the quality of a system's sound. This is in no way to belittle the importance of choosing a high quality source and preamplifier. Indeed the higher the quality up front, the greater the potential of the system, but without super high quality cables, including power cables, much of the greatness of your source, preamplifier or amplifier will be lost before it ever reaches the speakers. One may also find that deficiencies formerly attributed to equipment have been addressed.


Speaker Cable:

  • Pricing RCA/XLR Pair:  2.0M $4495. each additional 0.5M $995.

Interconnect Pricing:

  • RCA/XLR:  1.0M $3950 each additional 0.5M $995.

Digital Cable:

  • RCA/Balanced AES/EBU Pair:  1.0M $1950 each additional 0.5M $445.

Deva Series
PranWire Diva - Hi End Audio Interconnect Cables

Taking advantage of technology developed for the Cosmos and Nataraja Series cables, the Deva Series provides a more economical entry into the world of PranaWire.

Vivid Realism, Shimmering, Exquisite Transparency

13 Gauge Pure Silver Ribbon, Speaker, Internet & Digital Cable - Multi-layered Construction.


Speaker Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  2.0M $3645. each additional 0.5M $695.

Interconnect Cable:

  • RCA/XLR Pair:  1.0M $2950 each additional 0.5M $695.

Digital Cable:

  • RCA/Balanced AES/EBU Pair:  1.0M $1450 each additional 0.5M $295.

Photon USB
PranaWire Photon USB Cable



Computer Audiophile

Enter the Photon. I was immediately struck by the difference, not at all subtle. Scale, dynamics/extension, presence, body etc were vastly improved all while maintaining accuracy from top to bottom (critical for my taste). What was most attractive to me was the clarity, focus and detail. My experience had been that cables with exceptional scale and fuller body sound were musical but lacked midrange/upper bass clarity. The opposite of what I hear with the PranaWire which brought tremendous clarity along with it's scale and musicality. Lastly, a big reason I've historically been drawn to the Acoustic Revive cables has been presence. AR has sort of a house sound which is characterized by a unique "you are there" presence. So unique that I have not heard any other cable/product bring this, even my MIT cables, which do other things exceptionally well, are not able to do this. Well, thankfully I do not have to sacrifice this with the Photon, the presence is special and certainly equal to the AR.

Positive Feedback  2013

Joe Cohen of The Lotus Group and PranaWire have been making cable products that I have been impressed with for quite a while now. At shows, Joe's room is always first-class, and has garnered some of my PFO Audio Oasis! Awards over the years. Joe's appreciation of music is happening deeply, at the level of soul, and his show systems reflect this truth. For this reason, it is always a delight to visit his room.

PranaWire has come out with a new cable, however, one that has really knocked me out. Judging by the review sample of their Photon USB cable, we are making significant progress in getting more and more out of our computer-based music. In my case, this is especially focused on DSD in Single, Double, and even Quad modes, where the extreme excellence of the signal needs to be conveyed as purely as possible. If you don't think that USB cables can make a difference to the reproduction of computer-based audio, you either haven't done any homework, or your hearing is suspect. The differences can be quite surprising.

There's no need to write War and Peace here: Over the past few months, the PranaWire Photon USB demonstrated superiority in key areas, including transparency, ease, naturalness of presentation, and exceptional spatiality. The improved detail was notable. Overall, there was a transformation of DSD file sources, making their clear superiority even more evident. I was very pleasantly taken by the step forward.

The Photon is not cheap…quality at this level never is… but if you've made the plunge into computer-based audio, then this is an essential component to protect the investment that you've made. (The price of the Photon ranges from $995 for 0.6 meter, to $1295 for 1.2 meter, $1495 for 1.8 meter, and $1895 for 3.0 meters, which is the size that I have.) Don't let a cheap, generic USB cable hammer your audio signal on the way to your DSD DAC… that's a foolish and tragic mistake.

It's one that I won't make. In fact, the PranaWire Photon has become my new reference standard for USB cables, and will definitely stay here in River City. I guess that Joe and I will have to talk….

The cable that interfaces computer or server and DAC is perhaps the most vulnerable of all cables in the system. Parasitic noise from the source and ambient and radiated noise from the environment conspire to mask signal. It is important to remember that the “Ones and Zeros” of a digital stream are delivered as an analog waveform that is subject to all of the same ills that any analog cable is subject to, and that when decoded, the presence or absence of noise will influence how well the decoder behaves. With the Photon USB cable we have applied principles from our other highly successful designs, capturing and immobilizing self-generated and parasitic noise, shielding against the influences of ambient and radiated noise and treating for the influence of vibration. This results in the presentation of highly dense, relaxed and natural sounding information that is extremely musical, deeply satisfying and that reveals the original recording with utmost precision and fidelity.
  • Pure Silver Signal Conductors
  • Multi-layered, quad-shield construction for maximum shielding and noise absorption
  • Custom Vibration Damping
  • Highest grade gold plated phospor bronze connectors and custom housing
  • Double Cryogenic pre treatment
  • Audio Dharma Cable Cooker post construction conditioning for optimum performance
  • Performance that displays the following characteristics:
  • Ultimate clarity, transparency and speed
  • Highest density of timbral, spacial and ambient information
  • Relaxed natural sound 


  • 0.6M $995, 1.2M $1295, 1.8M $1495, 3.0M $1895.