Quicksilver Audio Mid Mono Tube AMP

Quicksilver Audio Tube Mid Mono Amps

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Quicksilver Audio Mid Mono AMP

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Quicksilver Audio Mid Mono Amps - 40 WPC with EL34 Tubes - $1895. 

 Quicksilver Audio Tube Mid Mono Amps

 "The Quicksilver Mid Mono is a great amp from a great company, and a super value." Sam Tellig, Stereophile,August 2003.

 Quicksilver's Mid Mono amplifier is a big brother to the Mini Mite. Like the Mini Mite, it is completely hand-wired and can use many different output tubes; but the Mid Mono has a lower loss output transformer, adjustable bias, more power and five-way gold-plated binding posts. Setting the bias is very simple: one screwdriver control and an LED indicator. Power is 40 watts at 50% triode operation with the standard EL34s and 45 with KT88s.


Power Output    40 watts into 4 or 8 ohms
Power Bandwidth    16 Hz to 35 KHz
Input Sensitivity    1.25 volts
Input Impedance    100 K ohms
Power Consumption    105 watts at idle
210 watts at full power
Tube Complement    1 12AX7 input
1 6922 driver
2 EL34 outputs
Finish    Black chassis
Chrome transformer covers
Dimensions    5 1/2"H, 14 1/2"D, 9 1/8"W
Weight    26 lbs., 30 lbs. shipping weight
U.S. Warranty    3 years parts and labor
Tubes 90 days