Quicksilver Audio Mono 120 Tube AMP

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Quicksilver Audio Mono 120 Vacuum Tube AMP

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Quicksilver Audio Mono 120 Amps - 120 WPC with KT150 Tubes $4395.  KT88's $3995

Quicksilver Audio - Mono 120


 The new Mono 120 brings the finesse and transparency of low powered tube amplifers into the realm of less efficient speakers. Employing only two output tubes, this circuit provides 120 watts without stressing or pushing these tubes to their limit, and with the lowest output impedance and distortion of all the Quicksilver amplifiers, the Mono 120 brings a new level of performance to this power range.

An on-board bias meter allows individual adjustment of each output tube and, with low-noise power supplies and circuitry, the Mono 120 can still be used on very efficient speakers. The 180 Joules of energy storage provide effortless dynamic response, transmitting the full musical impact of sudden shifts from soft to loud. The Mono 120 has a black chassis and chrome-plated transformer covers.

Power Output             KT150's 120 watts into 4 or 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20KHz
Power Bandwidth        13 Hz to 80 KHz
Input Sensitivity         1 volt
Input impedance        100 K ohms
Damping Factor          15
IM Distortion              1% or less at 120 watts
Power Consumption    115 watts at idle
                                 290 watts at full power
Tube Complement       (1) 12AX7 input
                                 (1) 12BH7 driver
                                 (2) KT88 or KT150 outputs
Finish                        Carbide black chassis with
                                Chrome transformer covers
Dimensions               6 1/2"H, 9 3/4"D, 15"W
Weight                     38 lbs., 42 lbs. shipping weight x 2 boxes
U.S. Warranty           3 years parts and labor
                               Tubes 90 days