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Yarlung Records Artsists

GRAMMY® Award winning Yarlung Records brings fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible. Rather than using recording studios, engineer Bob Attiyeh produces these albums in concert halls famous for their acoustics, including Walt Disney Concert Hall and Ambassador Hall in Los Angeles. Yarlung uses both analog tape and high resolution digital media for CDs made with special alloys, high resolution digital downloads, and 180 Gram vinyl LPs, mastered by Steve Hoffman.

     Yarlung Records takes its name from the Yarlung Valley in Central Tibet, where the royal houses buried Songtsen Gampo and Trisong Detsen (two of the great early Kings in the historical record) in the Tibetan "Valley of the Kings." Legends claim the Yarlung Valley as the magical birthplace of the Tibetan people and as a meeting place between heaven and earth. It is in this valley, at the site of  Yambulakhang Castle in our Yarlung Records logo, where Heaven and Earth touched in order to transform humanity.  What could be a better metaphor for the transformative power of great music?

Opera News, February 2013

If You Love For Beauty Mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke, Yehuda Gilad and The Colburn Orchestra

Mezzo Sasha Cooke made a striking impression as Kitty, the wife of J. Robert Oppenheimer, in the Met premiere of Doctor Atomic five seasons ago. The high point of her performance was her seductive love duet with Gerald Finley's Oppenheimer, which included her aria "Am I in Your Light?" Cooke leads with that piece on her excellent debut solo CD, If You Love for Beauty, in which she is sensitively accompanied by Yehuda Gilad and the Colburn Orchestra.

Cooke's attractive, erotic stage presence struck plenty of sparks in Doctor Atomic, but without question she also delivers the vocal goods. She possesses a firm, fruity mezzo, straight-toned in quality, which allows the listener to luxuriate in her unerring sense of pitch. And she has a strong yet subtle interpretive ability, one that draws the listener in. She doesn't play to the balconies; she makes you come to her, as did the much-lamented Lorraine Hunt Lieberson....

--Eric Myers

The Absolute Sound recognized
Music from Argentina among  
40 Best Recordings of All Time

...Cellist Antonio Lysy and pianist Bryan Pezzone play gorgeously and are gorgeously recorded, the sound immaculately clear and immediate, rich in tonal splendor, and revealing of the venue (Santa Monica's The Broad Stage).  The deeply resonant cello pizzicatos at the end of Schifrin's Pampas ring off into air-filled space like starlight into infinity.

-- Mark Lehman, The Absolute Sound, 2013

Bravo Antonio and Capitol Ensemble! Your recording joins the TAS "Top 40" along with Kind of Blue, Somethin' Else, Ella and Louis, Rickie Lee Jones, Famous Blue Raincoat, and Only the Lonely.  You have given us an incredible gift.

Latin Grammy®Award
Yarlung Records congratulates

Lalo Schifrin
and Antonio Lysy on their GRAMMY for
Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina.  

Reprinted from Yarlung Records

GRAMMY® Award winning Yarlung Records brings fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible Rather than using recording studios, engineer Bob Attiyeh produces these albums in concert halls famous for their acoustics, including Walt Disney Concert Hall and Ambassador Hall in Los Angeles. Yarlung uses both analog tape and high resolution digital media for CDs made with special alloys, high resolution digital downloads, and 180 Gram vinyl LPs, mastered by Steve Hoffman.

Yarlung repertoire ranges from the 11th century through the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, with a special focus on new music from the 20th and 21st centuries Artists include top soloists as well as superstar young musicians at the beginnings of their international concert careers. Yarlung brings artists into your living room; you can hear their music, their breathing, and almost their heartbeats


Yarlung Records - CD Format
Smoke & Mirrors
Orion Weiss
Solo Piano
Sasha Cooke
If I love you for Beauty
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Yarlung Records:
The First Seven Years
David Fung
Evening Conversations
Eric Zeisl UCLA Philarmonia
Evening Conversations
Ciarmella Music From the Court of Burgandy

Frédéric Rosselet
Modern and Baroque 'cello
Martin Chalifour
in Walt Disney Concert Hall
Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz

John Walz

A Tribute to Pierre Fournier

Yarlung Records Ciaramella Dance

David Howard Clarinet


Elinor Frey & David Young Dialogues for Cello & Piano

Joanne Pearce Martin


Petteri Iivonen Kevin Fitz Gerarld Art of the Sonata

Janaki String Trio

David Fung    The Piano

Antonio Lysy at The Broad
Music from Argentina

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: 40th Anniversary

Ryan McCullough In Concert

Suryodaya The Coming Of Light

Petteri Ivinonen The Art of the Violin

Yarlung Records Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Yarlung Records - SYMPHONY No.5 MAHLER Gerard Schwarz  The Colburn Orchestra

Martin Chalifour
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Smoke & Mirrors Vanish

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet SYMPHONY No.5 MAHLER Gerard Schwarz  The Colburn Orchestra

Nigel Armstrong and Sir Neville Marriner: The Colburn Orchestra Yarlung Records 10th Anniversary MEN OF DHARAMSALA

Yarlung Records - Smoke & Mirrors Debut

Format CD


The percussion ensemble, Smoke and Mirrors plays as if all five musicians were one person. The musical selections on this album are refreshingly fully-developed works, each very different from the others, each with its own story. As a whole, these pieces illustrate the breadth of contemporary classical music written for percussionists, as well as the flexibility and virtuosity of Smoke and Mirrors percussion ensemble.
Smoke and Mirrors uses rhythm, pitch and timbre to create intensely effective experiences. The recording includes compositions by Steve Reich, Eric Whitacre, Happenstance, a world premiere recording by Derek Tywoniuk, and works by Toru Takemitsu and Ravel.  It opens with Reich’s complex Nagoya Marimbas which shows off the virtuosity of the ensemble. Together the five musicians weave into filaments of sound and rhythm as if they were one person.

Sleep is based on Whitacre’s beautiful choral work; this stunning arrangement preserves the essence of the choir, creating an equally beautiful percussion soundscape. Toru Takemitsu’s Rain Tree is a quiet contemporary work which continuously metamorphoses itself in a smooth sea of tonality. Closing the album is Ravel’s Sonatine, a naturally rhythmic composition that showcases the true spirit of Ravel’s music.

Yarlung Records - Orion Weiss: Music at the Piano
Yarlung Records - Orion Weiss: Music at the Piano

Format CD

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Scriabin's fiery fifth sonata showcases Orion's dynamism and delicacy as well as his ability to produce a breathtakingly broad range of warm, mid-keyboard colors contained within this impressionistic piece that ends as furiously (and explosively) as it begins

…the recording compellingly communicates every deft keyboard stroke of a young virtuoso…

if your system can handle the piano's prodigious low frequency energy and intense dynamics, you will be presented with a realistic rendering of a piano in all of its sonic and physical glory
Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“Weiss’ phrases had more happening in them than other pianists do in an entire piece He showed color and sensitivity, clarity and evenness of technique, and a dynamic level that was more the range found on a fortepiano”
Geraldine Freedman, The Daily Gazette

Orion Weiss combines exacting perfectionism with genuine affability and Midwestern charm Orion offers high voltage electricity as a performer, linked with intellectual and musical maturity as a poet at the keyboard In his writing Michael Fremer compares Orion Weiss to Gustavo Dudamel Indeed we are fortunate; this appears to be the beginning of another musical golden era, in which young and extremely talented musicians enrich our enjoyment of the nuances in concert music by bringing fresh vitality to seasoned masterpieces and new compositions alike
Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records Sasha Cooke - If I love you for Beauty

 Format CD

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate


Mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke has been recognized as a young superstar in concert and opera for many years now, but it was as Kitty Oppenheimer in The Metropolitan Opera’s 2008 production of John Adams’ Doctor Atomic that I first heard her. Half way through her first act aria “Am I in Your Light?” I knew I wanted to work with her.  Despite her ferociously busy schedule Sasha responded immediately with a “Yes!” to my suggestion we make her debut album. Since then we had the great pleasure to hear Sasha in Southern California in her debut performances with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Sasha won her first GRAMMY® Award for Sony’s DVD release of Doctor Atomic from The Met.

The Colburn Orchestra, close to home but international in quality, proved an equally powerful draw. These musicians, all members of the Colburn Conservatory conducted by Music Director Yehuda Gilad and led by concertmaster Caitlin Kelley, enrich our lives in Los Angeles.  When I hear these musicians live, and on this recording, I am happily reminded of the successful recordings Mercury Records created with Howard Hanson and the Eastman Rochester Orchestra. Or of the sound of the Berlin Philharmonic under Simon Rattle. Like these other youthful musicians in Berlin, the members of Colburn Orchestra create a distinct orchestral sound (a great one), and Maestro Gilad elicits sensitive and lyrical interpretations of the repertoire. This recording of Mahler's Rückert-Lieder won the Audio Oasis Award at THE SHOW in Newport, 2012.
--Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records - Lorraine Hunt Lieberson Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Format CD

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate


“In Germany, one rarely encounters an orchestra whose members take the stage smiling happily, almost radiantly. Not only did the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra do just that at its appearance on Monday, it worked itself up into even higher spirits with every measure….”
Die Welt, Hamburg

“The orchestra’s reputation for subtlety and precision, which had preceded it, came through in its elegant and clear phrasing. The sensitive paraphrasing of the themes and the transparency…along with its warm tone, gave the orchestra’s sound an unexpected fullness…The woodwinds…displayed exemplary virtuosity and musicality (flute, oboe, trumpet…), and the violins were perfect.”
Resmusica, Paris

When Lorraine Hunt Lieberson sang the opening recitative of Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut during the first rehearsal for the performance with Jeffrey Kahane and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. The musicians sat in silence after the movement ended. At first, the musicians wiped tears from their eyes while some clapped timidly. Then followed uproarious applause from the orchestra and the few lucky guests. That first run-through was good enough for the final performance. Lorraine made it seem as if she were singing this music directly to you and to you alone.
--Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records - The First Seven Years

Format CD

German Audiophile Pressing
HighResolution Virgin Polycarbonate


In a surprisingly short period of time, the adventurous GRAMMY® Award winning classical music label Yarlung has produced an eclectic catalog of impeccably recorded performances by a roster of adventurous musicians, including many that are well-known and others soon to be.
Yarlung's production and sonic model is distilled from the recording industry's glorious past—one that pessimists were certain could never be successfully resurrected—while its forward-thinking business and distribution model points the way towards a healthy future for a "record business" long given up for dead.

For older lovers of recorded classical repertoire, Yarlung's catalog represents a return to sonic and musical greatness. For younger ones familiar only with dynamically and spatially compressed low resolution recordings, these from Yarlung are like 3D IMAX but without the glasses.
Michael Fremer
Senior contributing editor, Stereophile

It is refreshing to hear real sound and real music again, reminiscent of RCA Living Stereo in its golden age, or Mercury Records at its height.  Yarlung’s sound is liquid and transparent, just as if you were sitting in the concert halls with superb acoustics, where these recordings are made.  Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Ambassador Hall in Pasadena, and Zipper Hall at The Colburn School, to name a few.

Yarlung does this by using similar techniques to those in the golden age of recordings.  Only one stereo microphone for smaller ensembles, and up to four microphones for full orchestras, recording directly to two track analog tape and high resolution digital.
Yarlung offers us a true feast for the ears, and this reviewer for one, wants more.
Mori Shima
Stereo Sound, Japan



German Audiophile CD

HighResolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Music Director Neal Stulberg conducts the UCLA Philharmonia in ... three hitherto unrecorded orchestral compositions by Eric Zeisl. Representing his Viennese years are his bold, richly scored (and not so little) Little Symphony: After Pictures of Roswitha Bitterlich (1935-36) and the intimate November: Six Sketches for Chamber Orchestra(1937-40). Epitomizing Zeisl’s maturity in Los Angeles is the dramatic Concerto Grosso for 'Cello and Orchestra (1955-56), his last large-scale orchestral work [performed here by Yarlung star and GRAMMY winning 'cellist Antonio Lysy].

In 1935, Zeisl attended a wildly popular exhibition of art works by Roswitha Bitterlich, a fourteen-year-old Tyrolean girl. Struck by her singular visions, the young composer feverishly drafted what proved to be his only symphony. He later recalled, “The paintings, that is rather the ideas behind the paintings, provided such a stimulus that immediately after coming home from the exhibition I started out to set these ideas in music and completed the work … in 4 days.”
--Malcolm S. Cole

The Bitterlich painting on the cover of the album, "The Madman," is the image which inspired the first movement of Zeisl's symphony. 

Yarlung Records David Fung - Evening Conversations
Yarlung Records David Fung - Evening Conversations

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

"The surprise for the evening was David Fung From the very first moment, he demonstrated a marvelous temperament Fung told an interesting and fascinating story throughout all three movements, which was full of colors and nuancesHe was a hit!"
Ora Binur, MAARIV Israel Philharmonic, Mozart Concerto No 25 in C Major

"He did not only dazzle the crowd with his virtuosity … but did not fail to move the audience with his excitement, and lyrical warmth"
Ursula Augustin, Kreis Cochem-Zell, Koblenz, Germany

The eighteenth-century…was an age of conversation And music, modeled on this principal pastime, was a medium for wit, sentiment, and rhetorical flourish Mozart's Fantasy and Scarlatti's sonatas, which bracket this recital by David Fung, remind us why the keyboard was considered such an ideal vehicle for a composer's flights of fancy
…Like Schumann and Scarlatti, Chopin, Mozart, and Rachmaninov before him, Tan Dun was learning to master the secret of the miniature - a compositional form he has likened both to zen calligraphy and to the watercolor: "capturing essences with the minimum of gesture" This is a fitting epigraph for this collection of short pieces, jewels of the composer's craft and worthy tests of a performer's taste and skill
Christopher Hailey, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey

It is always rewarding to work with an artist like David, whose musical interpretations are rich and fresh without being eccentric, and always completely sincere Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records - Ciarmella Music from the Court of Burgandy
Yarlung Records Ciarmella Music from the Court of Burgandy

Format CD

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

The fifteenth-century Valois Dukes of Burgundy forged and lost a powerful kingdom (in all but name) that included a wealthy duchy famous for its wine, and much of the Low Countries, including modern Belgium, Holland, and parts of Northern France Burgundy has come to embody a time of ruthless intrigue, lavish wealth, and an uncompromising love of beauty and ornament Some of its greatest treasures lay in its musicians: its singers, composers and minstrels
Adam Knight Gilbert

Ciaramella plays brilliantly on shawms, sackbuts, bagpipes and recorders — this is some of the best Renaissance wind playing in the world Their new recording includes old favorites like Josquin’s “La Spagna,” along with some brand new 15th-century style improvisations for wind band by Adam Gilbert The music is sometimes raucous, sometimes sweet, but always compelling
Maria Coldwell, Early Music America

From their smooth conjuring of the sound of solemn grandeur to their obvious ease with the most wildly virtuosic compositional and improvisational techniques of the day, the members of Ciaramella are masters of 15th-century Burgundian music, earthly, earthy, and divine
Marsha Genensky, Anonymous 4

Ciaramella offers us Burgundian music both transcendent and baudy This confluence of spiritual and sexual imagery intrigues the modern listener just as it did fifteenth-century audiences, and informs the rich layers of meaning inherent in the interwoven melodies of the polyphony
Bob Attiyeh, producer

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