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Yarlung Records - CD Format 2nd Page

Smoke & Mirrors
Orion Weiss
Solo Piano
Sasha Cooke
If I love you for Beauty
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Yarlung Records - Eric Zeisl UCLA Philarmonia - Evening Conversations Yarlung Records - Ciarmella Music From the Court of Burgandy
Yarlung Records:
The First Seven Years
David Fung
Evening Conversations
Eric Zeisl UCLA Philarmonia
Evening Conversations
Ciarmella Music From the Court of Burgandy

Yarlung Records - Frédéric RosseletModern and Baroque 'cello Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifourin Walt Disney Concert Hall Yarlung Records - Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz

Yarlung Records - John Walz  A Tribute to Pierre Fournier

Frédéric Rosselet
Modern and Baroque 'cello
Martin Chalifour
in Walt Disney Concert Hall
Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz

John Walz

A Tribute to Pierre Fournier

Yarlung Records - David Howard, Clarinet Yarlung Records Ciaramella Dance Yarlung Records - Elinor Frey & David Young Dialogues for Cello & Piano Yarlung Records - Joanne Pearce Martin - Barefoot

David Howard Clarinet


Elinor Frey & David Young Dialogues for Cello & Piano

Joanne Pearce Martin


Yarlung Records - Petteri Iivonen, Kevin Fitz Gerarld - Art of the Sonata Yarlung Records - Janaki String Trio Debut Yarlung Records - David Fung The Piano Yarliung Records - Antonio Lysy at The BroadMusic from Argentina
Petteri Iivonen Kevin Fitz Gerarld Art of the Sonata

Janaki String Trio

David Fung    The Piano

Antonio Lysy at The Broad
Music from Argentina

Yarlung Records - Lod Angeles Chamber Orchestra: 40th Anniversary Yarlung Records - Ryan McCullough In Concert

Yarlung Records - Suryodaya The Comining of Light

Yarlung Records - Peterri Ivinone, The Art of the Volin
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: 40th Anniversary

Ryan McCullough In Concert

Suryodaya The Coming Of Light

Petteri Ivinonen The Art of the Violin

Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifor and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Yarlung Records - Smoke & Mirrors, Vanish Yarlung Records Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Yarlung Records - SYMPHONY No.5 MAHLER Gerard Schwarz  The Colburn Orchestra

Martin Chalifour
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Smoke & Mirrors Vanish

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet SYMPHONY No.5 MAHLER Gerard Schwarz  The Colburn Orchestra

Nigel Armstrong and Sir Neville Marriner: The Colburn Orchestra Yarlung Records 10th Anniversary MEN OF DHARAMSALA

Yarlung Records - Frédéric Rosselet Modern and Baroque 'cello

Format CD

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate


Frédéric Rosselet plays subtly and athletically.  He is not a showy performer, but his technical prowess rivals the great virtuosi.  He uses this skill tastefully and reservedly. 

Frédéric’s modern ‘cello, which he plays in the pieces by Berio, Ligeti and Dutilleux, used to belong to his grandfather and was made about 130 years ago by a student of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.  For our two Bach ‘cello suites, our friend Brenda Miralles suggested several instruments, configured as they would have been played in the Baroque era, without a peg, a lighter sound post on the interior of the instrument, gut strings and a Baroque bow.  Frédéric chose a glorious instrument made by Carlos Moreno in Madrid in 2004, copied from a 1725 Grancino. 

Frederic follows Elinor Frey and Antonio Lysy with two more works in the “eSACHERe” cycle commissioned by Rostropovich in honor of Paul Sacher’s 70th birthday.  Our recording opens with Berio’s haunting Les mots sont allés…. and concludes with Dutilleux’ Trois Strophes sur le nom de Sacher.
--Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifour  Walt Disney Concert Hall
Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifour  Walt Disney Concert Hall


24 Karat Gold Audiophile CD

Many violinists, myself included, perform the Poulenc sonata for violin However I have long wanted to introduce the magnificent Poulenc Flute Sonata into the string repertoire The idea first came to me when I heard the slow movement in concert and imagined the violin being able to slide and have a gutsier sound in the lower register In my arrangement of the sonata I add double stops, pizzicati, and transpositions to lower registers in areas where the flute has less power than a bowed instrument In the Cantilena I take it further and tune the violin’s G string a half step lower, giving the violin a deeper resonance throughout the key of B-Flat Minor
Martin Chalifour

Within the first few bars of Chalifour’s violin transcription of Poulenc’s flute sonata performed on a 1716 Stradivarius once owned by Nathan Milstein, you’ll know you’re in one of the world’s finest sounding concert halls Both Mr Chalifour’s violin and Joanne Pearce Martin’s piano come through with uncanny timbral accuracy, textural clarity and three-dimensional focus and palpability The presence of a large, open, delicately reverberant space behind the musicians can be both heard and felt on this acoustically transparent recording

Michael Fremer, Stereophile and musicanglecom

Yarlung Records - Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz
Yarlung Records - Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz


24 Karat Gold Audiophile CD

Music originates in the “inner world” of the composer Great music emanates from this private psychic space within the composer, and inspires us to explore our own inner worlds, if we let it

As it is with poets, painters and sculptors, so it is for composers: their inner worlds erupt in an outpouring of what we call “art” to be shared by audiences, readers, gallery and museum-goers in so special a way that it can feel spiritual Martin Perlich

Inner World is our first Yarlung Records album dedicated to one composer's music Before the album's release, I played two minutes of Deep Dreams, the first track on this album, at the summer Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society meeting in 2008 where I was asked to do a presentation Robert Levi, the society's president, leapt out of his chair and asked “What is that?” And “When can I have a copy?” I handed him my demo track I hope you enjoy this music as much as Mr Levi did.

Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records - John Walz A TRIBUTE TO PIERRE FOURNIER


24 Karat Gold Audiophile CD

John Walz possesses not only musicianship; he also possesses showmanship He plays the cello with a… flair that is hard to match, and that remains his legacy when the concert is over…

Walz imposes his presence There is something romantic about him… He has a fine lyrical sense, balancing shading with warmth And he has a fine dramatic sense, marking contrast and dynamic changes with a skill that shows a knowledge of the piece’s structure
Jean-Pierre Barricelli, Press Enterprise

…the pianist Edith Orloff, the cellist John Walz… play with warmth, expertise and unanimity Tim Page, New York Times

His radiant, full tone and flawless technique were matched by an extraordinary degree of expressivity [Walz] savored every note and every phrase, but his playing never lost its momentum and sense of purpose  Terry McQuilkin, Los Angeles Times



24 Karat Gold Audiophile CD
Midway in an all-Brahms chamber concert by Philharmonic members came the Clarinet Quintet, a late work not often heard, music of lavender and deep purple, shot through with burnished-bronze outcries from the solo wind player… …waves of deep, penetrating beauty Midway in the slow movement David Howard's solo clarinet unwound its slithering melodic line across the musical spectrum; the strings answered with passionate shivers, and their moonstruck conversation continues to echo in my skull days later That's Brahms Alan Rich

David plays nickel-plated Buffet R13 clarinets For our recording he used a Vandoren B40 mouthpiece, Vandoren traditional number 3 reeds, and a Rovner dark ligature For the works by Steve Stucky and Esa-Pekka Salonen which we recorded in Zipper Hall at Colburn School, Vicki Ray plays Steinway Concer & Artists piano number 599 made in New York For the trio by Galina Ustvolskaya, Vicki plays New York Steinway 562930, chosen for the opening of Walt Disney Concert Hall with the help of Hélène Grimaud Violinist Johnny Lee plays an instrument made in 1807 by Pirot In the Brahms quintet, first violinist Lyndon Taylor plays the Perkins Stradivarius from 1708, Kristine Hedwall plays a Carletti violin made in 1941, John Hayhurst plays a Sgarabotto viola from 1908, and ‘cellist Gloria Lum plays a Vincenzo Postiglione, built in 1877

Yarlung Records - CIARAMELLA DANCES On Movable Ground

Format CD and 180Gram LP

German Audiophile Pressing
HighResolution Virgin Polycarbonate

CD and LP

Ciaramella Ensemble ventures "toward modern times" with intoxicating dance melodies from musicians who lived from the 1500s into the Baroque era, and includes new compositions by Adam Gilbert as well.  Ground bass patterns underlie all of this music; sometimes one can hear it clearly and sometimes the ground bass line is veiled within the polyphony.  Ciaramella artistic directors Adam and Rotem Gilbert lead the ensemble, which includes music on theorbo, Baroque guitar, viola da gamba, drums and percussion, harpsichord, wind instruments (including recorders, Renaissance brass, shawms), and hurdy gurdy.

"...Ciaramella plays this music with conviction and expressiveness and makes it accessible for contemporary audiences. One certainly can’t ask for more.

"...Ciaramella makes it fun. They bring a sense of history to the works they play, but their concerts aren’t dry academic exercises. They bring the music of the renaissance to life. A concert by Ciaramella is a delightful and entertaining excursion to a bygone era.

"And the... members of the group obviously enjoy what they’re doing. For them this music is as much alive today as it was in Richard III’s time – and that attitude and approach are what set them apart from many other early music ensembles." 
Edward Reichel

“From the nobility of Europe, to the petit bourgeoisie reading Thonoit’s Arbeau’s Orchesographie, to the already pregnant bride in Brueghel’s The Peasant Wedding, everybody danced their way through the rituals of life…. Their music, like their dance, reflected a delicate balance between the restraints of culture and convention, and ingenious flourishes of improvisation….” 
Adam Gilbert

Yarlung Records - Dialoghi_Elinor_Frey_and_David_Young_Dialogues for Cello & Piano

Yarlung Records - Elinor Frey & David Young Dialogues for Cello & Piano

German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

“a superb cellist”
Syracuse Post Standard

"Impeccable American cellist"
La Presse

"…David Fung performed strongly, showing off velocity, volume, stamina and a wide range of color and mood"
Wayne Lee Gay, The Star Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas

Elinor Frey plays a 1962 Mario Gadda Italian ‘cello from Mantua She uses a baroque bow (made by Louis Bégin in Montreal) for Bach’s ‘cello suite and for Amour et Biauté Parfaite

There are no equalization adjustments on this album We made all “EQ adjustments” with microphone placement at the start It is always our goal to record this way: we succeeded similarly with David Fung’s Evening Conversations, and also with Orion, Joanne Pearce Martin: Barefoot, and Ryan MacEvoy McCullough in Concert

Thanks to our friend and supporter Jon Fisher, Gearworks Pro Audio gave us the use of an Austrian AKG C-24 stereo microphone, one of the few still using the original brass surround CK12 tube in excellent condition For this recording we used Yarlung-Records-designed interconnects with a flat silver ribbon suspended in air for the dialectric, customized vacuum tube preamplifiers, and recorded directly to two tracks without a mixer
Bob Attiyeh, producer

Yarlung Records - Joanne Pearce Martin Barefoot


Joanne’s album takes us from the fiery brilliance of the coda of the G Minor Ballade to the pristine airiness of the opening of Mozart’s Sonata, K 332 This magical transition feels like the pianist invites us into a warm haven after rescuing us from the thunder and lightning of a raging storm… Meyer Kupferman’s …Distances, full of deliciously altered chords, alternates between moody and placid with but one tiny outburst The two Nocturnes on Joanne’s program occupy a special place in pianists’ hearts The E-Flat, Op 9, No2 may be the most familiar to us, but that doesn’t detract from its simple attractiveness The less familiar D-Flat Nocturne, Op 27, No 2 captures titular moonlight, and gripping tension which Chopin creates through harmonic means and the beauty of his gorgeous ornamentation This one is a true gem
Orrin Howard

Joanne Pearce Martin serves as principal keyboardist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and plays regularly as guest soloist with many orchestras in the United States and Europe Joanne performed John Adams’ China Gates in a Los Angeles Philharmonic Green Umbrella concert celebrating the composer’s 60th birthday It was this performance, and her collaboration with Jeffrey Kahane and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra in Mozart’s Concerto for 2 Pianos in E-Flat Major that gave me the idea for this album We recorded Orion and Joanne Pearce Martin: Barefoot with the same piano, same hall, and same equipment setup Orion and Joanne, both virtuosic titans of the keyboard, sound very different in these recordings Recording them as we did should enable you to enjoy them as distinct individuals with unique messages, colors and musical voices
Bob Attiyeh, producer

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