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Yarlung Records 4th Page

Yarlung Records - CD Format
Smoke & Mirrors
Orion Weiss
Solo Piano
Sasha Cooke
If I love you for Beauty
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Yarlung Records - Eric Zeisl UCLA Philarmonia - Evening Conversations Yarlung Records - Ciarmella Music From the Court of Burgandy
Yarlung Records:
The First Seven Years
David Fung
Evening Conversations
Eric Zeisl UCLA Philarmonia
Evening Conversations
Ciarmella Music From the Court of Burgandy

Yarlung Records - Frédéric RosseletModern and Baroque 'cello Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifourin Walt Disney Concert Hall Yarlung Records - Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz

Yarlung Records - John Walz  A Tribute to Pierre Fournier

Frédéric Rosselet
Modern and Baroque 'cello
Martin Chalifour
in Walt Disney Concert Hall
Inner World Music by David S. Lefkowitz

John Walz

A Tribute to Pierre Fournier

Yarlung Records - David Howard, Clarinet Yarlung Records Ciaramella Dance Yarlung Records - Elinor Frey & David Young Dialogues for Cello & Piano Yarlung Records - Joanne Pearce Martin - Barefoot

David Howard Clarinet


Elinor Frey & David Young Dialogues for Cello & Piano

Joanne Pearce Martin


Yarlung Records - Petteri Iivonen, Kevin Fitz Gerarld - Art of the Sonata Yarlung Records - Janaki String Trio Debut Yarlung Records - David Fung The Piano Yarliung Records - Antonio Lysy at The BroadMusic from Argentina
Petteri Iivonen Kevin Fitz Gerarld Art of the Sonata

Janaki String Trio

David Fung    The Piano

Antonio Lysy at The Broad
Music from Argentina

Yarlung Records - Lod Angeles Chamber Orchestra: 40th Anniversary Yarlung Records - Ryan McCullough In Concert

Yarlung Records - Suryodaya The Comining of Light

Yarlung Records - Peterri Ivinone, The Art of the Volin
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: 40th Anniversary

Ryan McCullough In Concert

Suryodaya The Coming Of Light

Petteri Ivinonen The Art of the Violin

Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifor and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Yarlung Records - Smoke & Mirrors, Vanish Yarlung Records Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Yarlung Records - SYMPHONY No.5 MAHLER Gerard Schwarz  The Colburn Orchestra

Martin Chalifour
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Smoke & Mirrors Vanish

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet SYMPHONY No.5 MAHLER Gerard Schwarz  The Colburn Orchestra

Nigel Armstrong and Sir Neville Marriner: The Colburn Orchestra Yarlung Records 10th Anniversary MEN OF DHARAMSALA

Yarlung Records - Martin Chalifour Los Angeles Philharmonic Walt Disney Hall


German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Sir Neville Marriner and the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform Mozart’s Violin Concerto No 5 with soloist Martin Chalifour in magnificent Walt Disney Concert Hall Andrey Boreyko conducts the orchestra and Chalifour in Lutoslawski’s violin concerto Chain 2 This album also includes the world premiere recording of Steven Stucky’s Tres Pinturas, and Esa Pekka Salonen’s now iconic Lachen verlernt

Working in Walt Disney Concert Hall is a recording engineer’s dream, with excellent acoustics thanks to Yasuhisa Toyota And thanks to architect Frank Gehry, the hall is an inspiring and beautiful place to work Our friends Jerry and Terri Kohl once again allowed us to use their magnificent golden period Stradivarius for this recording Martin plays this legendary Nathan Milstein Strad (the “ex Goldmann” from 1716) with Sir Neville Marriner in the Mozart Violin Concerto No 5 Thank you Jerry and Terri, for making this violin available to your friend Martin, and for being so generous to us at Yarlung Records In talking about this instrument with me, Martin said “I ended up choosing several violins for this recording because of the way they made me feel The Milstein Stradivarius of 1716 had the nobility and steady luster of sound needed in the "old world" works… A sort of smoky color that is rich and mysterious… This is one of the greatest string instruments on earth and I feel privileged to play it”

Martin chose the famous 1729 “Joachim,” or “Petschnikoff” or “Jack Benny” Strad owned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for the premiere Green Umbrella performance of Lachen verlernt And Martin played his Miralles (made for Martin in 2007) in Tres Pinturas Brenda and Mario Miralles have been friends of Martin’s (and mine) for many years, and they make some of the finest contemporary violins, violas and ‘cellos in the world Many extraordinary Miralles instruments sing alongside the Strads, Guarneris and Amatis in the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras Martin wrote “My Miralles violin is to this day the most comfortable violin I have ever played It was made just for me and I am so proud of it (and him!) I will never part with it”

Martin and I especially want to thank Jerry and Terri Kohl, Michelle Rohe, Marilyn and Don Conlan, and Bruce and Marty Coffey, all good friends, who made it possible to release this album

-- Bob Attiyeh, producer

Smoke & Mirrors Vanish


German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Sandy Pressman, executive producer

Vanish is the engaging and highly innovative follow-up to Yarlung’s original and equally compelling Smoke & Mirrors release, presenting a wide tapestry of rhythms and harmonics skillfully arrayed across a broad and deep soundstage. There’s an immediacy, clarity, and transparency to this modern classical percussion recording that seemingly brings the performers to your living room.
- Jim Hannon, Publisher & Senior Writer
The Absolute Sound

Creating this second album with Smoke & Mirrors percussion ensemble proved a great musical experience and deepened our friendship with these remarkable musicians. Special thanks to Sel Kardan and Richard Beene of The Colburn School and to Maestro Gerard Schwarz for their support and enthusiasm for Smoke & Mirrors.  We recorded this album in two concert halls.  The live orchestra concert of Takemitsu’s ethereal and engaging From Me Flows What You Call Time came first in Ambassador Hall, with Gerard Schwarz conducting. The world premiere recordings of Diego Schissi’s Juego de Relojes, the repertoire from Alejandro Viñao’s Book of Grooves and Derek Tywoniuk’s watch me vanish, watch me followed in Zipper Hall at The Colburn School.

Working with the help of executive producer Sandy Pressman, we used two coincident Neumann U47 microphones for the orchestra with two AKG C12 microphones for a small amount of reinforcement for the winds and rear percussion in the Takemitsu concerto. We chose a single stereo AKG C24 microphone for all the other tracks. Jon Fisher from Gearworks Pro Audio lent us these precious microphones. Elliot Midwood designed our microphone preamplification equipment and we recorded directly to RMGI 468 tape using stranded silver Yarlung interconnects and the Yarlung analog tape recorder circuitry designed for us by Len Horowitz. Mastering by Steve Hoffman. Bernie Grundman cut our lacquers for vinyl release.

--Bob Attiyeh, producer



German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Recorded in The Brain and Creativity Institute's Cammilleri Hall at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
John Pruit, executive producer

More jazz records should be like Sophisticated Lady Quartet, relaxed yet focused, tradition-based yet modern, elegant yet conveying a sure sense of swing. The recording is so pure that you almost feel as if you're eavesdropping on four musicians who seem completely in their element while performing, in a one-take environment, a set that's evenly split between previously rehearsed arrangements and performances where they had one chance to turn a composition into a memorable piece of music. No splicing or editing here, just a live-in-the-studio recording where the mood, playing and sonics are so solid that that jazz lovers will wish that the mostly-classical label Yarlung wandered over to this side of the street more often.
- Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound

The Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet's debut recording should be of great interest to fans of forward-looking straight ahead jazz. Each of the four musicians is excellent both as soloists and in ensembles, the music that they perform ranges from melodic versions of standards to lyrical originals and freer explorations, and their subtle playing keeps one guessing. This CD is well worth exploring and I certainly recommend it.
- Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

Look out Brubeck, Sophisticated Lady's remarkable debut should perhaps be re-titled TAKE ONE. Why? Each tune was captured in one take! The 60+ minute CD also celebrates Yarlung's audiophile venture into JAZZ with a splatter of Chet Baker's seductive, kicked-back Californication daubed with a drizzle of Miles at his mellowest. No matter how busy your day, an evening spin through this one will definitely move your mood.

- David Thomson, Record Collector News

Yarlung Records - Mahler Symphony No. 5 Gerard Schwarz The Colburn Orchestra


German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

This album celebrates Gerard Schwarz at the top of his game, conducting music close to Jerry's heart. Maestro Schwarz served long tenures as music director for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and later the Seattle Symphony, and made over 100 recordings with those orchestras. Many of these recordings are being re-released through our North American distributor, Naxos USA.

The Colburn Orchestra is well-known to CD buyers from its recordings on Yarlung with Yehuda Gilad conducting Metropolitan Opera and GRAMMY Award™ winning mezzo soprano Sasha Cooke (YAR14148) and with Maestro Schwarz conducting Takemitsu's From Me Flows What You Call Time (YAR15195) featuring Smoke & Mirrors percussion ensemble. The orchestra has been conducted by James Conlon, Jamie Laredo, Sir Neville Marriner, Kurt Masur, Nicolas McGegan, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Gustavo Dudamel.

In 2012, the Colburn Orchestra opened the GRAMMY Foundation's 14th Annual Music Preservation Project. Concertgoers and press celebrate The Colburn Orchestra for the quality of its performances and music director Yehuda Gilad's creative leadership. Maestro Schwarz describes The Colburn Orchestra as is without question, among the finest orchestras in the world.

Yarlung Records - Nigel Armstrong and Sir Neville Marriner: The Colburn Orchestra


German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Recorded in The Brain and Creativity Institute's Cammilleri Hall at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Randy and Linda Bellous, executive producers

Hailed as “an astonishing talent, with exquisite technique”, Nigel Armstrong was born in Sonoma, California, where he began playing the violin at the age of five. Nigel made his orchestra debut in 2002 as a soloist with the Baroque Sinfonia and has since performed concertos with the symphony orchestras in Düsseldorf, Oslo, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Buenos Aires among others. He served as concertmaster for the American Youth Symphony and The Colburn Orchestra when he was a student in Los Angeles.

As a soloist, Nigel remains a personal favorite of Sir Neville Marriner, who looks forward to his next performances with Nigel. After recording the Korngold concerto on this album, Sir Neville and Nigel gave three more performances of the work with orchestras in Europe.

Nigel won the Premio Tango prize at the first international violin competition in Buenos Aires, and the Ole Bull and Nordheim awards in Oslo. Nigel also took first place in the Boston Symphony Orchestra concerto competition. In Moscow in 2011, Nigel won Best Performance of the Commissioned Work by John Corigliano with Stomp and was the only American finalist in the Tchaikovsky International Violin Competition.

Mr. Armstrong was profiled in the cover story of the January/February issue of Teen Strings in 2007. He also appeared on NPR's acclaimed radio program "From the Top." Though classical music is Mr. Armstrong's passion he also enjoys exploring different traditions of musical expression such as jazz, fiddle and tango.

Yarlung Records - 10th Anniversary


German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

GRAMMY® Award winning Yarlung Records celebrates its 10th Anniversary. The label brings fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible. Yarlung engineers these albums in concert halls famous for their acoustics such as Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Yarlung uses analog tape and high resolution digital media for CDs made with special alloys, high resolution digital downloads and 180 Gram vinyl LPs, mastered by Steve Hoffman and Bernie Grundman.

The quality of the music and the talent of Yarlung’s musicians enable our success. Yarlung wants the presentation to be like a clean window, which does not distract from the beautiful “view” on the other side. One such example, Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina, won our first GRAMMY Award and was ranked in The Absolute Sound as one of the 40 Best recordings of all time.

Two reasons people support Yarlung are the strength of our mission and the quality of our product. Despite Yarlung’s small size, reviews in North America, Europe and Asia recognize Yarlung’s importance as one of the highest quality record labels in the world today.

We ask you to join us on the occasion of Yarlung’s 10th Anniversary. Join us on the board of our nonprofit or join us as an executive producer or as a distributor in your country. You will be a hero to our musicians. We work hard to make great recordings and to publically appreciate our sponsors. We revere the art you and our other patrons make possible and we encourage and invite you to become integral members of our team.

Thanks for your support during Yarlung’s first decade! We look forward to the future,

Bob Attiyeh, producer

 Yarlung Records - MEN OF DHARAMSALA


German Audiophile Pressing
High Resolution Virgin Polycarbonate

Randy Bellous, executive producer

The first institution that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama created in 1959 while establishing his Tibetan government in exile in India was TIPA, the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. We created this album in honor of the Dalai Lama's 80th birthday on July 6th, 2015 and to support TIPA and these valiant musicians who struggle to keep Tibetan performing arts alive. The repertoire includes Tibetan opera, dance and folk tunes, nomad songs from the Tibetan plateau sung in Amdo, and special stage purification dances. We recorded this album in the auditorium at TIPA in McLeod Ganj, perched above the Indian hill station of Dharamsala. Monkeys sat on the roof and contributed "percussion" when they felt like it by banging on the roof when they liked something. They were a frustrating if appreciative audience.

Joining TIPA musicians on this album are monks of Nechung Monastery singing special pujas (prayers) unique to this monastery. Nechung Kuten, the Tibetan State Oracle, encouraged this recording and graciously invited us to record these pujas in his Monastery. The album opens with a blessing of the environment recorded in the new Nechung monastery in Dharamsala, a prayer to the four lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and a Losar prayer for the New Year. Tibetan wind instruments, human skull rattles and Tibetan long horns accompany them with vigor.

Randy Bellous in not only executive producer of Men of Dharamsala but he and his team at Randy Bellous Productions also filmed recording sessions and subsequent interviews with Sophisticated Lady jazz quartet. Snippets of the interviews can be found here.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to our Associate Producer Tsering Youdon, who helped with logistics in India and worked with us on the music. Tashi Delek! And to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Happy Birthday!

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